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Brian’s team was able to sell the house faster than expected and for a lot more than I thought possible. He used his many years of experience to obtain multiple offers. They were also super responsive for anything that needed to be done with the house while I was out of state. This was the second house he sold for me and he was able to sell the first equally as fast. You cannot beat the years of experience and expertise that Brian and his wife Beth bring to the table.

by Nader Ibrahim

Brian Belcher and his team gave excellent service every step of the way during our recent home sale. No other realtor we interviewed offered the level of service he provided. If you're considering selling your home, be sure to give him a call.

by Patty Goff

During a time of great economic uncertainty, Brian‘s expert advice and insight into the local real estate market was invaluable. His diligence and comprehensive marketing approach allowed us to sell our home in record time and for the price we had hoped to receive. He was easy to work with and easy to reach. We always felt that we were among his highest priorities and we’re getting his personal attention. I would absolutely work with Brian again.

by Mike85610

Brian was my forth realtor I hired to sell my house in two years, has the best marketing skills to bring the most traffic and buyer. He promised me the best photographer, virtual showing and staging, putting the house on the local magazine and high-end brochures, gave me a good advice and suggestion to negotiate the offer. Also his wife Beth and all his team were so helpful, supportive and flexible to make arrangement for showings and reminded to make closing processes smoothly. I am so happy my house got sold and highly recommended Brian and his team.

by zuser20180603171149919

You will not regret using Brian Belcher for your real estate needs! Our home was marketed and seen online as well as in-person consistently during the weeks we used him. His company is alert and aware of any needs that come up. Our home was under contract before the buyers actually walked through it. Brian and his wife were great to work with, no needs or concerns were ignored.

by Rebecca Bookholt

Nine days. The man sold my house during a recession and a pandemic in NINE DAYS. I have moved about every 3 years for the vast majority of my life. So I’ve seen a lot of realtors in action. I’ve never seen one surpass him in knowing his business. He didn’t give me bogus advice like painting all the rooms a neutral color. He DID get the best photographer in the city, he DID advertise just about every way you can advertise a house on the market. Brian works his tail off. He answered my emails at one in the morning. He worked evenings. He worked weekends. He follows every resource and market trend, and his knowledge is extensive. Without knowing I’d had the house appraised two months earlier, he produced the exact same price as the bank for our listing price. The only reason my home sold for less than the listing price was because of special circumstances with the buyer, and I chose to give them a break. My only regret in that transaction is that I probably ruined his usual average for getting his listing price. If you are putting a house on the market in the Charlotte area, I highly recommend Brian.

by Jeanette Watts

Absolute great experience working with Brian and his team. They were very responsive and made the entire process so smooth and streamlined. We sold our house for over asking on the first day of showings. They go the extra mile on marketing and know this market so well. If we were staying in the area we would use Brian and his team exclusively!

by Eric Deacon

Brian and his team were quick to help us out of a disaster of a situation! Selling a home during a pandemic and out of state is not an easy feat, but within a week they managed to outperform our original realtor! I can’t thank them enough for their commitment and patience through it all.

by rzahrro0

When it comes to listing agents Brian is the absolute best! He knows his market well and you can trust what he says because he is always honest with you. He always gets you the most money quickly because he doesn’t mind spending a little more to ensure your home has the best pictures and the most market exposure. If you are looking to buy he has that covered too with an outstanding group of agents. We just closed our 7th transaction with Brian and his team and I can’t think of a better person to do it with.

by gixxerfrk

The house was listed with another agent unfortunately we couldnt get a buyer. I met Brian and Beth and both were very professional. They sold the home for 25,000 more than the asking price and within 30 days!! We are more than happy with the results and highly recommend Brian and Beth as they made this process super easy and smooth. Definitely 5 stars!!

by Daniel Barreto

Sold in one day at the asking price! But more important, Brian is a thorough professional. He understood my questions and provided all the information, and was my strong advocate in dealing with other agents and agencies, and in overseeing the closing documents. This was the easiest real estate transaction of my long life. Brian took care of all the details and watched every step of the progress. I could not be more pleased.

by mwdec10

We were selling our home after being there 20 years. Brian was wonderful! Even taking over from another agent, when things were not quite going the way we wanted. He was patient and understanding, quick to respond, and explained the whole process to us. He handled negotiations well and helped us make the best decision for our family. Everyone on his team was respectful and helpful. It was a wonderful experience!

by Amy Little

Brian goes above and beyond any experience with Realtors I have ever had. He stays on top of things and always responds to you and never keeps you wondering where things stand or what needs to be done. He is the epitome of true, genuine customer service!

by Mark Pressley

I would like to provide a review on my service with Brian Belcher, my realtor for life. I located Brian online. I explained my needs to Brian and I was also in a time crunch. Brian explained to me the process and what he could do for my family and the ball started rolling. Brian was very professional and passionate about his area of expertise. He provided market insight and helped me to understand the selling process. He explained his services AND he performed as he stated. He kept the communication lines open and we saw on the app that numerous families were interested in our home. Shortly afterward, we received an offer. The next thing I knew, we sold our home in December 2019. My experience with Brian made home selling look easy. I trusted my home to be sold with Brian Belcher. He delivered on what he told us and as a result he in now my buyer's agent. I highly recommend Brian. You will get persistence with passion and performance.

by April Carpenter

When my wife and I decided to list our house, I researched real estate agents that specialized in the south Charlotte/Ballantyne area. We called and interviewed four different agents. They all came highly rated and all had excellent reviews. While I was hunting for an agent, Brian's name came up consistently in the search results so he was one of the ones I selected to interview. When Brian and I met for the first time, his calm demeanor set him apart from the others. The first thing he said to me after we introduced ourselves at the front door was "You need to replace those two screens in that front window, they are all faded." I am a very detailed oriented person. I just met someone else who pays attention to details. Cool. Brian and I sat and talked for a while and he was very interested in my opinions and ideas. The others that I interviewed couldn't have cared less. All four agents told me what they think I should list the house for and what they believed I could get for the house. Three of them were insistent on their ideas of what I should do to make the house salable. One of them even said that "people don't like window coverings. You will need to remove them before you list the house." Brian and I spoke to each other. It wasn't a one-sided conversation with the agent telling me what I need to do. Brian suggested while the others dictated. All four of them told me what they can do for me. Brian showed me what he can do for me. He told me how and where he listed the houses he sold. He showed me professionally printed brochures that he would have printed exclusively for our house. He would also have the house professionally photographed and hired a professional to come take the exact measurements of the house because "sometimes the tax records are not correct." Guess what? The tax records were not correct. Neither was the square footage the original builder advertised it as. When Brian sent me the report from the company who measured the house, I contested the discrepancy with Brian. He jumped right on it and called me back after speaking with the company he hired. He explained how the company he hired to measure calculated the dimensions, he pointed out that both the builder and the tax records incorrectly calculated a very large stair landing that accounted for the discrepancy in the square footages. Both the builder and the tax records had mistakenly counted that large landing in both the first floor and second floor dimensions. I cannot speak for what another realtor would have done, I can only speak for what Brian did. He represented the correct dimensions in the specifications of the house. Honestly, I would think that the others may have said "Y'know what? It's in the tax records that way. We can get away with it." Brian wanted the listing to be accurate and correct and that alone increased my respect for him ten-fold. Brian did everything he said he would do for us. He left no stone unturned. There was no lack of communication anywhere. I never once had to call him and ask "So. How are we doing?" Brian and his wife, Beth always answered my phone calls, texts, and questions. If by chance I had to leave a voicemail, one of them promptly called me back. Brian, Beth, and their staff were never less than professional in every sense of the word. Honestly, I cannot say enough about them. What I will say is that we listed the house during the first week of November. We closed on the sale of our home two days ago (December 17th.) Six weeks from the day we listed it to the day we closed. It doesn't get any faster than that. Brian flooded the market with our house and every bit of his efforts brought more traffic through our front door (actually, it's not ours anymore) than I ever even dreamed of, even considering that we listed the house just before the holidays.

by user4027531

I had a small house but received top-class service from Mr. Belcher. He got more than the asking price and his team was excellent in knowledge and responding to my questions. Mr. Belcher and his team guided me in the whole process of filling out paperwork and time schedules. I would recommend him to anyone selling a home in the Charlotte/Matthews area.

by zuser20190929110759494

Let me first say that I NEVER write reviews, but felt compelled to do so now because my experience with Brian Belcher and his team was so outstanding! From our very first meeting with Brian, we immediately felt simultaneously at ease and super excited. We were blown away by his professionalism, his market knowledge, his experience, and his marketing plan for our home. We credit Brian’s first-class marketing strategy (with spectacular photographs)—online, in print, and in person—for getting us an offer within 5 days of listing...and at an almost 10% better price per square foot than the comps suggested!! We were so thankful for his communication with us through every step of the process and couldn’t have asked for a more thorough, honest, transparent, hardworking realtor in our corner! I would be remiss in not mentioning his teammate and wife, Beth, as well as the rest of his sales team, who gave us superior assistance, advice and customer service throughout the entire closing process. We couldn’t have done this without them! My sincerest thanks to this incredible team—it’s no wonder you’re so successful at what you do and amazingly good people to boot! I already have and will continue to recommend Brian and Beth Belcher to everyone I know!

by jonesmichelec

Brian and his team did an absolutely fantastic job from start to finish in helping me sell my home. He was extremely knowledgeable in recommending minor upgrades that helped the house to show very well. His marketing strategy was excellent and allowed us to receive a great offer within 5 days of listing. The offer price per square foot was at a significant premium to similar homes in our area. During the due diligence process and right up until closing, his wife Beth was instrumental in helping us negotiate successfully with the buyer. Her service level and professional is second to none. Brian and Beth are wonderful to work with and I truly believe they are the best realtors in the Charlotte area.

by Matthew Jones

BRIAN is the BEST realtor you will find - very professional and passionate to help with buying/selling properties. He made sure I'm 100% happy, and BETH (his wife) is the sweetest person you will ever work with and she kept me updated even in the smallest details. I highly recommend this couple - will call them again in the future. Wish I can give 10 stars instead of 5! Thank you both for the smooth transactions!!!

by Risha Smith

Great agent! All aspects regarding the listing and sale were top shelf. Particularly notable was the seller communication during the process. We got emails almost every day regarding showings and buyer feedback. All the closing details were handled quickly and professionally. We always felt he was on our side. Look no further!

by TUBBY44

Brian is the best in business. Our house was on sale for quite a bit of time and once Brian took over it sold quickly. He is very professional and will do everything needed to sell your house. I am so happy that I chose him and will recommend him to everyone who is looking to sell / buy a house. Thanks Brian and team !!!!

by sritel

Brian was great to work with and I will recommend him to all. He will treat you like an A+ customer by giving you top quality service. His team is amazing as well keeping you informed on the process and making sure you understand and he has your best interests. It's refreshing to have someone that will work so hard for you to make you feel relaxed thru a big process. Will be using him again.

by Triplep3400

We hired Brian after another realtor didn't work out. His marketing plan got more potential buyers into the house in the first two weeks than in the previous two months, and we had a contract pretty quickly. He gave us some very valuable advice while negotiating the contract, and provided more support until the sale closed. Thank you, Brian, you got the job done for us!

by jonivanilli

Brian had my home sold in less than 3 weeks. His marketing strategy was top notch and his photographer did an outstanding job presenting the home in ads. Between the sale and closing both Brian and Beth helped greatly with all the paperwork and displayed great patience with my ignorant self. Brian and his staff get a 6 star review from me.

by erniep255

The experience working with Brian and his team was unmatched. From the first meeting all the way through closing, the commitment to excellence was felt. Getting our house in front of multiple buyers was first and foremost and Belcher is a master at marketing. We received immediate feedback and were very impressed with the overall customer service. In the end, we made great friends and was able to sell our home for what we thought it was worth. We couldn't ask for a better outcome!

by user04733032

Met with Brian on 6/2/18 & discussed selling the house. Signed the contract with Brian that day. Brian suggested a couple of things that he said would improve the selling appearance. This meant repairing the floor in a couple places & a full house cleaning. After these were done the house was put on the market on 6/11/18. Had a contract 3 days later on 6/14/18 for the asking price. The marketing package that Brian provided was very good. I received a lot of feedback during the process. I live 3 hours away from this property & Brian was very helpful handling things for me. I have brought & sold 7 houses over the years & this was my best agent experience.

by ronjoryan

We would highly recommend listing with Brian Belcher. Choosing a realtor to sell your home is an investment not only in their knowledge of the market, but also in how to best showcase your home for sale as well as guide you through the entire process. I called Brian based on a friend's recommendation. We met six hours later where he presented so much important data for us to consider. He put us at ease throughout the entire process. We received multiple offers in just 3 days of listing our home. It's easy to see why he's one of the top agents in his field. We feel Brian's investment in providing us with staging advice (which we implemented) along with HDR photos were just two of the many things that showcased our home beautifully. Brian and his entire team are warm, friendly, responsive and very well organized. We'll continue to recommend him to friends and family!

by avenezia8

Brian Belcher and team were 'EXTRAORDINARY'. The level of professionalism, communication, and responsiveness were top notch. There was not one time that I felt out of the loop. In addition, they made this process VERY seamless for an individual like me selling for the first time. Also, 'kudos' 'kudos' and 'kudos' for the 'AMAZING' photographer with Brian Belcher and the Remax team. Great talent that understands how to capture the true essence of a home. I highly (x10) recommend Brian Belcher and team to anyone looking to sell or buy a home

by Shalamane Jones

Brian is awesome as well is Beth and Melonee. The whole office makes sure things run smooth. We have sold 2 properties and bought a house and most recently a new built from ground up. He was with us from signing contract to the design center choices to the closing. Did I mention both properties we sold were sold in 1 day. And the most recent for more money than listed. His exposure for his listings is awesome. Thanks Brian and Beth for all you both have done for us!!

by jwheaton14

Brian and his team (Melonee and Beth) were excellent. They were courteous, very prompt in replying to emails and honest when giving feedback. They helped us sell our house at the highest price compared to other nearby houses. They’re simply the best, always responsive and professional. With their help, Our house is @ contract in 3 days and really appreciate their help. They should be your realtor for selling or buying without the second thought.

by user2105872

This is the second time we have bought a house with Brian and his team. The entire team is wonderful to work with—Brian is a skilled negotiator and got everything we wanted for us, and the team is very organized and has expert attention to detail to keep you on track during the whole process. We can’t say enough good things and although it might be just his slogan, he really will be ‘our realtor for life’!

by user03683371

Thank you again to Brian, Beth and the entire team at Remax Team. This is our second buying experience with Brian and first listing. Brian doesn't like real estate, he LOVES it and excels in all areas, whether it is negotiating, getting the highest listing price or knowing when to walk away. The number one thing he wants out of any transaction is for his clients to be happy. If you are looking for the best realtor in Charlotte, you just found him. Thanks Brian!

by Tim Whaley
RE/MAX Executive
The Belcher Group
12104 Copper Way, Suite 202
Charlotte, NC 28277

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